Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old Friends

I have just had the wonderful privilege of catching up with old friends! Friends I haven't seen for many, many years.
I was visiting one of my sons interstate, when he informed me that he had acquired the contact details of some people who were great friends millions of years ago and that they would love to catch up. Well.....contacting that person led to another and another and yet another.
What a fantastic way to start the New Year!...... New Years Eve....The Lamb concert...and now being with people I have loved and missed.
Don't ever lose contact with close friends; good people.
We are sometimes so caught up in our own lives that we lose track of others. Friendship is a very precious thing and truly good friends can be hard to find.
~Blessings to you all~
P.S. The Lamb concert was incredible! It was probably the best concert I have ever been to (and I have been to many). The energy, the music, the interaction....all incredible. She is so beautiful with a voice that's sublime. :-)

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